National Solar Technologies (NST) specializes in advanced solar power solutions designed to meet your unique business and commercial requirements. Our extensive offerings include off-grid solar systems, commercial rooftop installations, ground-mounted solar arrays, solar lighting systems and custom configurations. NST exists to enable companies and organizations to:

NST’s solar specialists will help you access substantial federal tax incentives, accelerated depreciation benefits, state cash rebates, and improve your environmental responsibility. Choosing NST as your partner means investing in a greener future while enjoying top-tier warranties, lifelong product support, and dedicated technical assistance.

Trust NST to lead you to a brighter, more energy-efficient future.

Grid-Connected Solar Power Systems

Our grid-tied commercial solar systems are engineered to reduce or eliminate your electric bill, while providing a reliable source of clean, renewable energy.

Solar Powered Lighting Systems

Our cutting-edge solar lighting systems provide clean, sustainable, and cost-effective illumination for various off-grid applications.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Our off-grid solar solutions provide emission-free quiet, reliable power for remote locations, construction sites, and other applications where grid connection is not possible.


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Federal & State SOLAR Incentives

National Solar Technologies empowers businesses to unlock significant savings with state and federal solar incentives and rebates. Explore our resources and navigate the path to clean energy for your commercial or small business.
Solar resources & Blogs


Learn more about the power of solar to boost your bottom line and embrace sustainability. Find resources, case studies, and more to help you build the case for solar in your business.

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Wondering how solar energy would be valuable to your small business, farm, non-profit or government agency? Click through to get free downloadable resources to help you start the process of saving money and lowering your carbon footprint.


Whether you are in search of a commercial or business solar energy solution provider or just early in the research process, give us a call. 

We’ll get you the solutions or information you need to start down the road to a greener future. 


NST is on a mission to make solar a no-brainer for your business, corporate or government application. With more than 25 years of experience we have helped business owners save money and create a greener future for our children.

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Explore some of National Solar Technologies' real world applications.

US Department of State

The US Department of State avoided the need for an electric service expansion, associated expenses, and ongoing electric bills by installing solar lighting, reducing their environmental impact and saving 12 tons of CO2 annually.

Solar lighting

Premier Wine Solar Case Study
Premier Wine & Spirits

Premier Wine & Spirits achieved substantial annual energy cost savings of over $30,000 and significantly minimized their carbon footprint by installing solar panels at their Williamsville, NY location.

Grid-Tied Rooftop Solar

Homeland Security Solar Project
US Department of Homeland Security

The US Department of Homeland Security saw tens of thousands of dollars in cost savings by implementing a solar energy system that eliminated the need for backup generators and fuel consumption at Remote Video Surveillance Sites .

Off-Grid Solar

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Why Choose NST?

Experience. Integrity. Reliability.

  • NST systems are built with the finest quality components, offering the best value.
  • With 25+ years in the solar industry, NST stands as the most experienced solar solutions provider.
  • Integrity and transparency are core values at NST, ensuring honest interactions with all our customers.
  • Offering an extensive selection of solar electric systems and products, NST caters to diverse customer needs and requirements.