US Department of State

Project overview

The project featured a comprehensive lighting installation, including:

Multi-Solution Solar

Facing a need for enhanced security through improved exterior lighting at their Virginia facility, the US Department of State encountered a challenge: their electrical service had insufficient capacity for additional exterior lights. 

National Solar Technologies responded with a comprehensive design and deployment strategy that included:

  • Pole-Mounted Solar Lighting: Stand-alone solar parking lot lighting systems equipped with motion-dimming sensors for enhanced efficiency and security.
  • Building-Mounted Solar LED Lighting: Solar powered LED lighting systems installed on buildings to ensure consistent, reliable lighting.
  • Rooftop Solar Energy Installations: Ballasted rooftop solar energy systems to support the lighting installations, maximizing the use of solar power.


NST provided significant time and cost savings for the customer by avoiding the need for an additional electric service installation. Key benefits included:

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: Eliminated the engineering and installation costs associated with expanding electric service.
  • Environmental Compliance: Met government-mandated CO2 reduction standards through the use of solar energy.
  • Elimination of Installation Costs: Avoided the expenses related to installing a new electric service.
  • Ongoing Savings: Freed the customer from incurring additional electric bills for the facility.

Return on Investment

The system became cost-neutral in under three years, thanks to savings from bypassing the need for new electric service installations, the expenses associated with trenching and installing electrical conduits to each lighting unit, and the lower operational costs compared to traditional electric-powered LED lighting systems.

Results & Impact

The project yielded significant outcomes and benefits:

Solar Electric Generation

The solar energy systems generate 21,500 kW hours annually, charging the batteries of the off-grid systems.

No Additional Electric Costs

The installation has not increased the customer's electric bills.

CO2 Emissions Reduction

By opting for solar energy over grid power, the project cuts approximately 12 tons of CO2 emissions annually.


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