Homeland Security Solar Project


US Department of Homeland Security

Project Objective

Develop a highly efficient and dependable off-grid solar energy system, incorporating battery storage and inverter integration to provide 120VAC power to customer equipment. Integrate the existing on-site fuel cell-powered generator into NST’s system for backup power. Replace the outdated solar energy systems with new, advanced solar installations at each site.

Off-Grid solar

Our client, The US Department of Homeland Security, previously burdened with inadequately engineered off-grid solar energy systems at their Remote Video Surveillance Sites (RVSS) along the US-Mexico border, faced frequent operational challenges. This led to heavy reliance on backup fuel cell generators, necessitating bi-weekly refueling of hydrogen tanks across multiple remote locations. 

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, National Solar Technologies (NST) stepped in to engineer and install a superior off-grid solar energy system. This innovation provided the customer with high reliability and eliminated the need for backup generators, showcasing NST’s expertise and efficiency. Consequently, NST was entrusted as the contract holder for several installations at RVSS sites for the US Department of Homeland Security, further solidifying our role in enhancing security and sustainability along the US-Mexico border.

return on investment

The customer has observed a return on investment in under two years, attributed to the significant savings from not dispatching technicians for refueling and maintenance issues, related to the previously installed subpar solar systems by another contractor.

Results & Impact

Energy Production

The system's electricity output exceeded initial projections, showcasing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost Efficiency

Annual savings of tens of thousands of dollars achieved by eliminating the frequent refueling of generators at each site.

Operational Improvements

The need for backup generators and the associated fuel consumption is removed, alongside reducing the necessity for field technicians to conduct refueling and constant troubleshooting.


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