Solar Incentives

Exploring state and federal incentives is crucial for businesses planning to install solar power, as these can significantly reduce installation costs. Additionally, these incentives improve return on investment (ROI), making the switch to solar energy more financially attractive.

At National Solar Technologies, we’ve been helping businesses like yours get the most out of Solar Power improvements for more than 25 years. Let one of our solar experts help you navigate local and federal incentives. We may also be able to help guide you toward specialized grants that your business may qualify for.

SOLAR Incentives & Grants

NST Federal Solar incentives

Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a significant financial incentive for your business to invest in solar energy systems. This is a 30% tax credit. For example if your system costs $100,000 you will get a $30,000 Federal tax credit. This promotes sustainable business practices and will reduce energy costs.

  • Businesses will receive a 30% tax credit.
  • The 30% ITC applies to both commercial and industrial solar projects.
  • The ITC was increased to 30% through 2032. 
  • There are bonus adders that can increase your tax credit beyond the 30%. Contact NST to learn if you are eligible. 
Accelerated Depreciation - solar - NST

Accelerated Depreciation

Federal and State Available

Businesses installing solar power systems can take advantage of accelerated depreciation through the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), allowing them to depreciate 60% of the total out-of-pocket system expense in the first year of operation in 2024. 

  • In 2025 this drops to 40%
  • In 2026 this drops to 20%
  • In 2027 the program is sunsetted. 

Given the complexity of tax regulations, businesses may need to spread out the depreciation over several years depending on their specific financial situation, and consulting with a CPA or accountant is strongly recommended to optimize tax benefits.

federal direct pay - Solar - NST

Federal Direct Pay for Solar Powered Systems

Tax-exempt entities like government agencies and non-profits can now receive a direct payment of 30% of the installed system cost. While state/utility rebates, performance incentives, and renewable energy credits can further reduce costs. There are bonus adders that can increase your direct pay beyond the 30%.

NY-Sun Solar PV Rebate Program

The NY-Sun Solar PV Rebate Program provides a cash rebate to offset some of the costs of installing solar energy systems, offering up to $0.25 per watt DC for systems smaller than 750 kW. This incentive is paid out by New York State, making solar installations more affordable for businesses. The rebate aims to encourage the adoption of renewable energy and support the state’s sustainability goals.

USDA REAP GRANT information


The USDA REAP Grant offers substantial financial support for rural small businesses and agricultural operations looking to install solar power systems, covering up to 50% of the system costs based on eligibility. This grant adheres to the SBA guidelines for small business size, as determined by the NAICS Code, with a maximum grant amount of $1 million. The program is designed to promote renewable energy sources and enhance energy efficiency in rural America.

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