Pole-Mounted Solar Powered LED Lighting

We manufacture stand-alone, pole mounted solar LED lights for a wide range of applications. These systems do not need to be connected to grid power.

National Solar Technologies proudly introduces Stand-Alone Pole Mounted Solar-Powered LED Lighting, a pioneering solution that brings efficient, eco-friendly illumination to outdoor spaces. These cutting-edge lighting systems seamlessly blend solar technology with high-intensity LED fixtures, offering brilliant lighting while reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. 

Key Features and Benefits:

Efficient Solar Power

Our Pole-Mounted Solar Powered LED Lighting systems harness the sun’s energy during the day and store it in advanced batteries. This self-sustaining operation ensures uninterrupted illumination, making them perfect for streets, parking lots, pathways, parks, and more.

High-Intensity LED Lighting

Equipped with powerful LED fixtures, our lighting systems provide crisp and energy-efficient illumination. They enhance safety, security, and visibility, creating well-lit environments for various applications.

Light Operation Options

Our systems can run dusk to dawn, timed ON/OFF operations, or can be integrated with a motion-dimming sensor that can reduce light output when there is no activity in the area of the lighting systems and cycle to full brightness for a set amount of time.

Off-Grid Reliability

Operating independently of the grid, our systems eliminate the risk of power outages and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources. They are an ideal choice for remote or off-grid locations.

Sustainability in Action

By harnessing solar energy, you contribute to environmental sustainability. Stand-Alone Pole Mounted Solar Powered LED Lighting aligns with sustainability goals, reduces carbon emissions, and minimizes environmental impact.

Elevate Illumination with Pole Mounted Stand-Alone Solar-Powered LED Lighting by National Solar Technologies

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Why Choose National Solar Technologies?

National Solar Technologies is the trusted leader in the solar energy industry, known for delivering top-tier solar solutions. Our Stand-Alone Pole Mounted Solar Powered LED Lighting exemplifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We employ top-tier technology and high-quality components to ensure the durability and performance of our lighting systems.

Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the power of the sun. Contact National Solar Technologies today to explore how our Stand-Alone Pole-Mounted Solar Powered LED Lighting can enhance safety, security, and efficiency in your outdoor environments. Join us in embracing the benefits of renewable energy while contributing to a greener, well-lit future.

Light up your surroundings with solar-powered LED lighting. Light up with National Solar Technologies.