We offer solar power solutions for buildings and structures that are not connected to grid power. Solar power is a cost effective alternative to expensive trenching and burying of cables for grid power going to buildings and structures. Typical structures that usually don’t have grid power available include salt sheds and cold storage buildings. We engineer and build stand-alone solar power sources that can provide electrical power to any location.

off grid solar

Adequate LED Lighting Solutions

We also offer interior and exterior high efficiency LED lighting solutions that can be integrated into your building or structure. These lighting solutions can be powered by your NST off-grid power source and will last years longer than standard lighting fixtures. The LED lighting solutions are highly efficient and will cut down your power consumption. Optional motion sensors and dimming options are also available.

Standard Features

  • Power capacity and output voltage(s) are engineered for your requirements. We can assist you with determining what system will work best for your needs
  • Available in AC or DC output voltages or a combination of both standard system output voltage is 120VAC or 220VAC
  • High-efficiency solar panels
  • Sealed, non-spillable AGM batteries for power storage
  • 25 year sliding scale solar panel power warranty
  • 5 year solar controller/power inverter warranty
  • 2 year limited battery warranty


  • Remote buildings/structures
  • DOT/commercial salt sheds
  • Cold storage buildings
  • Mobile offices and living quarters

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