National Solar Technologies (NST)

National Solar Technologies is an experienced and trusted solar system manufacturer and solution provider headquartered in suburban Buffalo, New York.  We have been the industry leader in engineering & building high quality, reliable and innovative solar power systems and solar powered lighting systems for over 15 years. NST works with many military, government and commercial organizations providing solutions that utilize renewable energy. We have a large number of standard system solutions as well the ability to tailor systems to your application and site location with added cost or lead time.


NST has the knowledge to provide our customers with solutions that best fit their application. We know the right questions to ask in order to engineer the proper solution in line with your specific needs. We have worked on a large number projects with factors such as challenging site conditions and customer requirements with great success.  You can be confident that we will look at every aspect of your power or lighting requirement to make sure the solution provided by NST will meet or exceed your expectations.


If you have specific questions or want more information, please give us a call or email us at the address below:


Phone: (800) 310-7413 or (716) 683-2505