The two man transportable solar power source is a solution made to reduce fuel convoys and consumption at remote military bases and outposts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The system is comprised of multiple two-man lift components, making this system ideal in areas where heavy equipment is not available to deploy a completely assembled system. A two man transportable solar power source can be rapidly deployed and re-deployed, making it a system choice for military, government and commercial entities with remote power needs.

The large number of two man transportable solar power sources currently deployed in various places around the world have received great positive feedback from the military for reducing their fossil fuel usage and their reliance on diesel generators in remote operating locations. Standard system types are available, as well as specific systems required to meet your power needs.

Two Man Transportable Solar

Complete System Expansion Capabilities

Our two man transportable solar power sources are capable of expansion for additional solar charging and battery storage capacity. This means that if your power requirements increase, you can add on to your existing system to handle additional power by connecting systems together via cable or plug. We can size your two man transportable solar power source with additional expansion units based on your power requirements. System expansion Hubs are available for connecting three or more solar arrays and battery banks together.

Standard Features

  • AC/DC or AC only/DC only power output systems available
  • Standard 120VAC outlets with 5VDC/3A USB ports, and binding posts for 24VDC output
  • Other AC and DC power outputs available
  • Optional generator input receptacle for generator/solar hybrid operation
  • Padded cases For solar panels, mounting platform/brackets, and cable harnesses
  • System solar and battery capacity is field expandable up to 6+ units connected together (contact us for more details)
  • Tool-less assembly/captive-corded hardware
  • Plug and play design
  • Self-ballasted high wind speed design
  • 25 year sliding scale solar panel power warranty
  • 5 year solar controller/power inverter warranty
  • 2 year limited battery warranty


  • Remote sites
  • Communications sites
  • Tactical/Forward operating base/patrol base power
  • Remote surveillance equipment
  • Oil/Gas telemetry sites

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