We manufacture a complete line of mobile trailer-mounted solar power sources that are ideal for use in areas where permanent power system installations are not desired. These systems can be used for multiple locations where power is needed. Simply hook it up to a truck and transport it to wherever you need power. The trailer system sizes range from 8 ft. to over 30 ft. in length. Spring suspension is standard on all trailers for smooth travels down uneven roads. Electric brakes are also standard on trailer systems exceeding 3000 lbs.

Trailer Mounted Solar
Trailer Mounted Solar Power Source 6-panel

Solar Power as Strong as You Need

Our trailer-mounted solar solutions can integrate power output voltages of all types. This includes AC and DC voltage outputs depending on what is being powered. Systems can also be designed as backup power for buildings or sites using automatic power transfer switching. Optional backup generators are available for integration into your trailer system.

Trailer systems can have low wattage output ratings of a few hundred watts, all the way up to multiple kilowatt power output. No matter where you need a power source, count on us to engineer a solar power system that is reliable and high quality.

Standard Features

  • Power capacity and output voltage(s) are engineered for your requirements
  • AC/DC or AC only/DC only power output systems available
  • Heavy-duty construction engineered for rough use environments
  • Pre-assembled for immediate use
  • DOT certified trailers
  • Leveling jacks for added stability in high winds
  • 25-year sliding scale solar panel power warranty
  • 5-year solar controller/power inverter warranty
  • 2-year limited battery warranty


  • Remote sites
  • Construction sites
  • Communications sites
  • Backup/emergency power
  • Base camps
  • Oil/gas drill sites

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