We manufacture a complete line of skid mounted solar power systems that can be used in any environment. These systems are built for easy deployment through forklift equipment. We can engineer your skid mounted solar power source with almost any AC and/or DC voltage output required. Systems can also be designed to interconnect for additional solar panel power production and battery capacity.

Skid Mounted Solar Power
Skid Mounted Solar Power

Durable Energy in the Toughest Environments

Our systems are utilized by the military, government and commercial entities for remote power needs. Each system is pre-assembled and tested at our factory to ensure seamless deployment in the field. Our solar professionals will work with you to come up with the best skid mounted solar power source solution for your application.

Standard Features

  • Power capacity and output voltage(s) are engineered for your requirements
  • AC/DC or AC only/DC only power output systems available
  • Heavy duty construction engineered for rough use environments
  • System is pre-assembled for immediate use
  • 25 year sliding scale solar panel power warranty
  • 5 year solar controller/power inverter warranty
  • 2 year limited battery warranty


  • Remote sites
  • Construction sites
  • Communications sites
  • Backup/emergency power
  • Base camps
  • Oil/gas drill sites

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