With a rising need for mesh networks and wireless access points, we have engineered and built a portable wireless access point that is powered 100% using solar electric energy with battery storage. Our PWAP system offers maintenance-free, portable power housed on a wheeled mobile unit that can be deployed in virtually any location. Our system offers reliable power for wireless devices that utilize low PoE power draw. The PWAP is designed for 24-hour power output in all climates and environments. Our system has been tested by industry professionals for use in security and wireless access point applications throughout the US.

Portable Wirless Access Point

Reliable Power for Any Environment

The PWAP system uses a high-efficiency solar module and maintenance-free sealed batteries. Our controls utilize maximum power point tracking technology for solar charging, even in low sunlight conditions. We can output 12 or 24VDC power or include a PoE to output 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC PoE. The unit has an extendable mast that extends to 20 ft. and outriggers for additional unit support in windy conditions. For high wind applications, we offer a guy wire kit with turnbuckles and dog stakes.

Standard Features

  • High-efficiency solar panel
  • Maintenance-free sealed AGM batteries
  • Various RAL colors available
  • Straight DC power or PoE power output
  • Wheeled unit designed for easy deployment
  • Includes mast that extends up to 20 Ft.
  • 25 year sliding scale solar panel power warranty
  • 5 year controller warranty
  • 2 year limited battery warranty


  • Wireless access points
  • Mesh networks
  • Security camera
  • Communications