We offer grid-connected solar power systems for a wide range of system types, including roof mounted and ground mounted applications. These systems are designed to connect to your electric service and effectively reduce the amount of kilowatt-hour usage from the electric utility. The amount of kilowatt-hour reduction is based on the size of the solar system that is installed. A wide range of options are available for grid-connected solar power systems.

Grid Connected Solar Power System
Grid-Connected Solar

Save Money and the Environment

Grid-connected solar power systems offer a wide range of benefits, from potentially eliminating your electric utility bill to significantly reducing your carbon footprint. NST solar power systems have a fixed cost for over 20 years. That means when the cost of electricity increases, your costs will stay the same, saving you even more money. State and federal incentives are also available to pay for a large portion of your grid-connected solar power system. NST can help you determine which incentives work best for you.

Grid-Connected System Features

  • Centralized/string inverters or micro-inverters available
  • High-efficiency solar modules
  • Engineered solar panel mounting racks based on the system type and location for wind loading and snow loading
  • System AC/DC disconnects
  • System solar combiner boxes and power distribution panels
  • System safety labels
  • Stamped drawing set

Grid-Connected Applications

  • Flat roof mounted grid-connected solar
  • Pitched roof mounted grid-connected solar
  • Ground mounted grid-connected solar
  • Grid-connected solar systems with battery backup
  • Power purchase agreements and community distributed generation projects

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