Get to Know Us

Since 1997, National Solar Technologies (NST) has been an industry leader in the field of engineering and building solar electric power systems. NST is based out of a 34,000 square foot facility in suburban Buffalo, NY.  NST systems are built to last and engineered for reliability in all types of climates and locations around the world. Our attention to detail when developing our systems allows for high reliability in austere environments. NST believes that making sure our customers are supplied with the most reliable system is our #1 priority. We go to great lengths to ensure that the systems we provide meet customers’ expectations for reliability, quality and longevity.

NST has provided thousands of solar energy systems to a wide variety of government agencies as wells as the commercial/industrial sectors. We understand the needs and quality-level our customers expect.  Notable customers include: The US Army, US Marines, US Airforce, US Navy, US Dept. of State, US Federal Highway Administration, Defense Intelligence Agency, NY State Parks, NY State Office of General Services, General Motors, Sallyport Global, Bechtel, SAIC, and many more.  To date, National Solar Technologies has over 10,000 systems deployed across 20 countries.

Make the Right Choice In Solar Solutions

Our top priority is ensuring that our customers are supplied with reliable solar systems of the highest quality. Our staff of renewable energy professionals go to great lengths to meet customer needs and expectations.

We strive for innovation

We engineer all solar solutions using state-of-the-art power modeling software and real-world solar data to ensure proper system operation and reliability. We strive to make every system innovative and of the highest quality. Choose our experience and dedication and feel confident that you are receiving the best possible solutions for your requirements.