Solar Solutions for Almost Every Climate and Environment Around the World

There are endless solar energy applications that can be implemented for a wide range of customers. National Solar Technologies offers a diverse selection of systems and products that can be deployed to government and industry sectors across the globe.

Community Solar & PPAs
Ground and roof mounted utility scale solar energy systems for community solar and PPA projects.
Corporate Complexes
We have a solar system that will fit into your business plan, save money and promote a green company culture.
Government Buildings
Get the most reliable and affordable solar energy options for communities of any size.
International Roadways
Solar powered street lighting minimize traffic risks and promote a more walkable community.
The military counts on us to provide reliable and powerful solar energy for the most remote and harsh environments.
Mining and Industry
Providing solar energy for any off-grid application.
Multi-site Retail
For businesses with multiple locations, solar energy is a cost-effective and dependable power solution.
Parks and Recreation
Provide a sustainable energy solution for community parks to enhance the area and promote safety.
Schools and Universities
Modernize the classroom and help your school system stay on budget.
Transit/Bus Stops
Ensure public transit is well lit and safe at any hour.
Transportation and Airports
No matter the size, solar energy can provide a stable, robust power source for transportation facilities and airports.
Safety and Security
Solar energy is a reliable source to power surveillance and security equipment, 24 hours a day.
Custom Applications
Going green should always be an option. Customize your renewable energy plan to fit any application.